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As a respected expert in the American Indian art field, Kelly Kilgore offers her 25+ years of experience as a gallery owner, collector, and professional American Indian art appraiser to provide assessments of the value of Native American pieces and collections. As an American Indian art collector and an experienced appraiser, she specializes in everything from Northwest Coast territories to Plains Indian items and artifacts.

Kelly Kilgore is a recognized appraiser for The Heard Museum in Phoenix, Arizona, and frequently travels to destinations across the country to provide appraisal services for corporations and private collection owners. Her on-site appraisal services provide owners with an expert estimation of tribal affiliation, age, quality, authenticity, and current market value.  American Indian art appraisals include photos, descriptions, and estimation of value for collectors, and estate or

Contact Kelly Kilgore to find out more about her professional American Indian art appraisal services, or to set up an appointment.

  • 25 years experience as appraiser for The Heard Museum 

  • Offering American Indian Art appraisal services

  • Over 30 years experience as gallery owner

Kilgore American Indian Art
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