Field Mouse goes to War One Piece Carving

Field Mouse goes to War One Piece Carving

SKU: KA-51

Field Mouse Goes to War. Loomatoochi. 19" Carved from a single cottonwood tree root. 


This piece is based on the Hopi story “Tusan Homichi Tuwvota” . This traditional Hopi tale recounts the courage and cleverness of a tiny field mouse striving to protect the village from a mighty hawk who is stealing the chickens. . The hawk was the great enemy of the Mishongnovi people. Each day he killed more chickens. Everyone agreed that someone must fight the hawk, but who? The tiny field mouse who lived at the edge of the village wanted to help. Did he have the courage and cleverness to challenge the hawk? The field mouse laid bait for the Chicken Hawk and dug a hole, sharpened a greasewood stick and waited. Sure enough the Chicken Hawk fell for the trap and swooped down to get the bait and WHOOSH the mouse killed the hawk. The village was so thrilled that they elevated the mouse to kachina status. 

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