Coral, Turquoise & Gold Necklace

Coral, Turquoise & Gold Necklace


Coral & Turquoise, with 14 K findings. This necklace was made by award winning jeweler Larry Vasquez. 


Born in Silver City, New Mexico in 1947, Larry Vasquez is of Aztec, Apache, Mayan, and Mescalero descent. Much of Larry's inspiration comes through the beauty of nature, hence his love for working with paints and the gems and minerals of our Earth; Our Mother. Not satisfied with the commonplace, Larry reaches for the highest quality in everything he does. It is upon this that he has built his reputation. Larry often blends gold, silver, and platinum to produce vivid, breath-taking colors. Each painting and piece of jewelry is unique. Larry incorporates old Mayan design, Indian lore, and the themes of nature into his own abstract form.  A reflection of the craftsman. 

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