Hopi Jar by "Frogwoman"

Hopi Jar by "Frogwoman"


Stunning Hopi Jar by Pueblo Potter "Frogwoman," Joy Navasie.


Artist Joy Navasie was among the most famous and talented of Hopi-Tewa potters. Joy Navasie (1919 - 2012) was the second Frog Woman - the first, Yellow Flower learned the skill of making pottery from her famous mother, Paqua Naha, the first Frog Woman. She was known for her white slipped pottery and classic use of design elements. She also used the white clay and signed with a frog as a hallmark. The white kaolin clay is a slip which is applied to the surface of the bowl and then black (bee-weed) and red clay slips are used for painting. Joy's pottery is iconic among the Hopi white slipped pottery and her work can be found in numerous books, museums worldwide and some spectacular pieces are featured in the 1974 Arizona Highways magazine.


Measures 5 " x  6 3/4 "

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